May Poetry Challenge- 2022

This May, we will be writing a freestyle poem of no more than 14 lines, which describes a mystery person, place, or thing. Free verse is where my talent lies!! And I really like this time’s theme too! I’ve been wanting to write a poem riddle for quite a long time. Try to guess what I’m describing in the comments! You can read more about the challenge here.

Here goes my attempt at a freestyle poetry riddle-

No one seems to hear him walk,
Muted footsteps and charming pouts.
Some may call him selfish,
But he's a confidante if you wish.
A sly ball of fur, delicate stance,
Night long jigs and daytime naps.
He's seems a proud creature,
And hunting's in his blood,
He'll be your lifelong friend,
If you treat him royally.

Can you guess what creature I’m describing here? It’s my favorite animal!

I won’t be posting much this month because I have exams coming up and some other things I’m preparing for. See you all later this month with my reading update, with the “What’s on your bookshelf” challenge! I think that’ll be my only other post this month, I’m pretty sure. Until then, I’ll be taking a break from blogging.

Did you know that I completed the A-Z Challenge recently?

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See you!

Zombie- A-Z #26

The last post!! And the last song on my playlist too!!!!

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To close out the challenge, it seems only fair that I write something as dark as my opening post. And this song provides the perfect foundation for it. “Zombie” by The Cranberries is a song written about the devastation of war and violence. Though this song is decades old, it still stands extremely relevant to today’s situation- I’m referring of course to the terrible war still going on in Ukraine, and Afghanistan, the violent tensions between Israel and Palestine, and numerous other politically driven concerns. Nothing really seems to have changed since our lessons in the second World War.

Here goes my last post of the A-Z challenge, April 2022!

Black dust flying in the air,

The sky lit up with hostile flairs,

Buildings and hearts streaked with tears,

To the common man, how is this fair?

Corpses littering the streets,

Violence decked with greed,

What is it that they really need,

Sitting in their mansions, sipping their mead?

Innocents shed their blood,

Yet their voices are never heard,

It’s they who always get hurt,

Is this what they’ve earned?

When was such hate sowed,

Who decided to tread this road,

It seems like we’ve forgotten what we have owed,

Still dying the deaths of long ago.

Andd just like that, we’re done with the challenge! It’s been a great month of blogging, and I absolutely have no more words to write. See you all after a loong vacation I’m sure to take from blogging!!

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Xanny- A-Z #25

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There are two poems that inspired me while writing this. One is “Porphyria’s Lover” and the second is “My Last Duchess”, both by the artistic eccentricity that is Robert Browning. You may know him as the writer of “The Pied Piper Of Hamelin”.

From “Porphyria’s Lover”, I derive thematic inspiration. As many might think, this is not a poem about insanity and psychopathy. I firmly believe that Downing referred to the disease of Porphyria while writing this, and the persona’s triumph over an acute bout of the disease. This is confirmed by the immobility of the persona and pale complexion( as he says himself) in the poem, as well as the hallucinogenic style of Porphyria herself. All these are symptoms of the disease Porphyria. Downing was also an enthusiast of medical magazines, and around the time this poem was written, the disease of Poryphyria had become somewhat of a viral sensation in medical magazines.

From “My Last Duchess” I borrowed the poetic form, that is the enjambment and the number of rhyming couplets(28). However, I could not keep to the iambic pentameter.

I do recommend reading Porphyria’s Lover if you’re not aware of it, before reading this post. It is an excellent piece of psychology.

The theme of this poem is based on “Wuthering Heights”, most notably two monologue pieces which are extremely dramatic and murderously poetic, and spoken under the influence of the world’s strongest drug- Love.

Pertaining to the title of this post, Xanny (as in the song by Billie Eilish), I can say only one thing: Kids, don’t do drugs.

So basically, it’s something set in the Wuthering Heights universe but inspired by Downing’s writing style, but also involves drugs in some way(Yep, I’m confused too). The monologue lines taken from the book are as follows-

(The first is Catherine speaking about her love for Heathcliff.)

“…If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn into a mighty stranger.” “…My love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath: a source of little visible delight, but necessary. Nelly, I AM Heathcliff!”

And the second is Heathcliff grieving Catherine’s death.

“…I repeat it till my tongue stiffens- Catherine Earnshaw, may you not rest as long as I am living; you said I killed you, haunt me, then!” “… I know that ghosts have wandered on earth. Be with me always- take any form- drive me mad! Only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you!” “… I cannot live without my life!”

Like I said, pretty dramatic. But there’s just something about the power in these lines that shakes the most stable mind. It surprises me even more, that in the moments these lines were spoken, I felt sorry for the pair of devils, even though I hated both of these characters from the bottom of my understanding for the course of the book.

The poem is below is a patchwork of quite a few inspirations of mine, and very deeply rooted in my fantastical imagination of Wuthering Heights.

Such savagery has thou gifted me that

I lose my footing in the sands; of late

I cry my tears of gold in solitary

confines; who dareth come near me,

When my evil sits proud by your holy

side, a pungent image of dreary

sight? It was only thy darkness that bore my company well;

You made it our religion to dwell

upon the corpses of their malice, your golden

wisps the only salvation in our barren,

denounced reputation of misanthropy; who stand

they to question us with their bland

inextricability; those commoners, fit to

only serve our unequivocal hues; you

must return, regenerate my viability!

Laments of thyn absence strangle my entity!

Oh black maiden, why don’t you haunt

me yet; when all your mortality did was taunt

my insanity and sowed witchery into everyone

around you; the very chaos drunk on our pagan

lust; How more do I have you return-

Ah, but thy stir now, drifting closer to listen!

A thousand nights I’ve bled, but now when you bleed me dry

I feel it not; I get no pleasure in even berating my

pathetic “family”; come closer, bringer of venom,

and provoke my desire woken seldom,

poison my soul, I beg you welcome,

I can see it! The enchanting splendor of heaven…

So in my head, this is how Heathcliff finally died, after three days of starvation and all the other dramatics he went through in the story. Well, can’t lie, I felt blissful when he did.

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We Are Young- A-Z #23

Tap on song 23 in my playlist as you read this post!

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“We Are Young” by Fun. and Janielle Monae is literally nostalgia given a sound. And for me, who’s lived my entire conscious life in Bangalore, this city is the perfect representation of nostalgia and home. I love so much about Bangalore, be it the eccentric weather or the laid-back and easy-going people.

If there’s one favorite spot I had to choose to call home, I’d choose the grey, stony disposition of our apartment’s terrace. There’s also a narrow metal staircase leading to the top of the elevator room, which is a place I go to often for some peace. It overlooks the busy city and offers a great view of the sunset.

This is an ode to my city and my peace which I wrote in the very same spot a couple years ago before I had this blog.

The sounds are getting quieter,

The wind’s growing softer,

In this paradise of peace,

Time is frozen forever.

I watch as day changes to dusk,

The city slowly settles in,

The slumber comes in unnoticed,

All is forgotten in the dim.

The clouds seem so close.

The last of the gold littering the sky,

Blue blotting my pages like moss.

My ink has been blue for ages,

Against the snowy white of the pages.

In this gentle spectrum of lights,

In this cozy caress of the oncoming night,

How many times,

Must I have lost myself.

Yet I never know where I’ll find myself.

I think this is one of my first attempts at freestyle poetry, and it shows because it’s so messy. Freestyle is my favorite poetry now, and I feel like any kind of set verse doesn’t really capture my emotion completely and satisfactorily.

We’re nearing the end of A-Z! I feel like my brain has been squeezed dry of words. Can’t wait for it to end even though it’s been fun and my stats are BLOWING UP this month.

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Purple Rain- A-Z #16

This is another great song and post which I was looking forward to! Find today’s song 16 on my playlist as you read my post., which is “Purple Rain” by the one and only Prince.

If you’re not familiar with my theme, you can check it out here.

True story; I was listening to Purple Rain one day and somehow my Spotify decided to play DNA by Kendrick Lamar next(another great song). And I kid you not, I felt EMOTIONAL listening to that violent and hard-hitting drill beat. That’s what Purple Rain does to me.

Prince also made a cameo on this show called New Girl I was watching, which is like the wildest simulation glitch. Prince is indeed magic.

Rain is my favorite natural phenomenon, and I like to think that it reflects my mood. Hey, it’s true! It always rains when I’m on an emotional high! So today’s post is dedicated to rain, and my eternal love for petrichor. It’s also inspired by this post I read some time ago.

Edit: I wrote this poem back in March, on the 17th when we got our very first summer rain here in Bangalore. For a week leading up to today, it’s been raining every single day without fail! More reason for me to believe it is magic xD.

A glum day has befallen,

The very air has grown dry,

My words are all but forgotten

and I can’t remember why.

The drought of words is hard on me,

The heat stokes my discomfort.

My pen stares at yesterday in envy,

I get no ideas from my favorite extrovert.

Suddenly, Her perfume infects my mind,

And a drop of inspiration descends,

Her aura leaves me happily blind,

And Zephyrus makes my words bend.

Endlessly my words now flow,

Striking with the passion of hailstones,

The readers learn to brave my arrows,

Flowers blooming unto their bones.

What reckless blasphemy are we,

Imposing our grandeur upon simpletons,

If Rain were a mortal entity,

Why wouldn’t He be my corruption?

The petrichor assaults my page,

Our romance stains the lines,

The storm finds my soul’s anchorage,

And I let Her dictate my carnal doctrines.

Joy takes a hold of my psyche,

I feel safe in His penetralium,

We settle once again on our glory,

And end up writing this poem.

Forgive my usage of all those big words my mind is currently buzzing from reading “Wuthering Heights”. Emily Bronte was way, WAY ahead of her time in her ideas. Like seriously, even if the book came out today it’d be a huge hit.

See you all tomorrow with the next post of the A-Z Challenge! Until then sit(or sleep) tight and don’t let the bedbugs(or mosquitos) bite:))

King’s Dead- A-Z #11

Hit song number 11 on my playlist for today!

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Do you guys have specific weather that your creative bursts are related to? For me the colder it gets, the more creative I get. So generally the months of October, November, and December are the best for me. It’s great that the song I chose, “King’s Dead” by Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, and James Blake, fits very well with the concept of the poem I had in mind. Also, it’s Kendrick Lamar. How can the song dare to be bad?

Today, however, doesn’t fall in any of those winter months. So yes, this post is gonna be another struggle. However, I have some old starting material for my poem about power which you’ll read below, so I’m pretty positive going into this.


It said to me,

Settled in my body, and intoxicated my being.

It raged its fire upon my disease, and bellowed,

“How dare you call your power weak,

Your disposition meek?

How dare you forget your power,

when you’ve brewed hurricanes with your words so somber?

What has come upon you Narcissus,

That you dare to name your daggers vacuous?

My voice sounded out hollow,

betraying my eclipsed Apollo,

“Time, has befallen me.

Fear, has weakened me,

Anger, has disarmed me,

Expectation, has silenced me.

The waves have finally come upon me.”

It thundered in mockery,

Rousing me off my treachery,

“What is time to a storm like you?

What is fear to your beloved horrors?

What is anger to your passionate epiphany,

What even is society, in front of your delicate savagery?

What chance does anyone stand,

when you sit a royal in your destiny?

What weapon is too acrid,

when you have wielded your soul,

what demon is too fetid,

when you have had You in control?”

My words grew blank in response,

as I began my renaissance.

It is hard to predict my chance,

when I live in such atrocious plots.

And so I replied with silence,

And let my healing commence.

I wish I’d be more creative,

But I’ve written nothing but this poem since.

No, but literally. I’ve written nothing since this poem, two days ago. And that’s BAD because I’ve run out of scheduled posts now.

Also confession: I googled the words “Fetid” and “Vacuous”. I really have gotten a thing for old-English-sounding words since starting Wuthering Heights. Ha but I don’t care, they fit too well in my poem.

See you tomorrow with the post for the letter “L” !!

Hollywood’s Bleeding- A-Z #8

“Hollywood’s Bleeding” by Post Malone makes the prompt for day 8 of my A-Z challenge this April. Listen to it on my playlist here.

If you’re not familiar with my theme, you can check it out here.

I love the dark and scary vibe of the song. It is chaos poured into a song, the same chaos that grips me right now as I write this post. I have a lot of these times when my head seems too full. Too full of everything- thoughts, hopes, ideas, desires. I hate feeling this way. It’s like my brain can’t decide what it wants to do. All the while, this chaos eats away at my time which I really, REALLY should be putting into studying for my exams. And that adds to the guilt on top of everything, and that’s how the (VERY poorly made) cocktail of my brain is right now. (Don’t worry I’ve put all this down in a more sophisticated form down below)

Where does it all lead to?

Where does my mind go,

So many paths to walk,

As the raindrops start to roll.

What is the meaning of this chaos?

Is it just to make me question everything?

Sometimes I crave faith;

but in this made-up world of mine,

Religion taints every hopeful shrine.

How I wish I could take the road I want,

Fly down the path with all my want,

But my wings fail me every time,

Asking me again and again, “Is this path mine?”

What a curse it is to be alive,

limited to our mortality and yet

Immortal in our desires,

I never asked to be handed this ephemeral epithet.

That was a lot of words,

And the sunset sparkles with stray birds.

My mind feels clearer somehow

And I know I must end my poem now.

So here I say my goodbye,

And go home to where I cannot see the sky.

I’m so grateful for people in my life who understand and share my anxiety. I don’t think I’d have remained sane in the last two years without them. To anyone facing something similar, just know that it’s temporary and will get over. You can always reach out for a conversation if you’re looking for someone to talk to. If there’s something I know for a fact, it’s that talking to others, spitting it all out, helps.

I cannot help but wonder something though. Why is it that I’m so good at putting out fires for others and so shitty at solving my own stuff? Well, that’s stuff for another day.

See you on Monday with post #9! Hope you(And I) have a peaceful Sunday!!

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Fireflies- A-Z #6 And The April Poetry Challenge

This post is gonna be a combination of the A-Z challenge and Monthly Poetry Challenge hosted by Fake Flamenco.

Tune into song 6 on my playlist- “Fireflies” by Owl City! I really wanted to put “505” by Arctic Monkeys for this post but as I’d already posted about it before, I chose to put a different song. I love “fireflies” too! It sounds like the perfect song to play when hanging out with your friends at night, maybe on a rooftop with a sleeping city spread out before you.

If you’re not familiar with my theme, you can check it out here.

For April, I’ll be attempting a Prime Verse, an original creation by the host which involves 9 lines each with a prime number of syllables; it ascends and descends alternatively, and only the last two lines rhyme. The theme for this month is “The wonder of experiencing the universe or the earth.”

In addition to that, this post is based on day 6 of the A-Z challenge or the letter “F”, and I’ve chosen the song “Fireflies” to go with it.

Here it goes-

It is a slow night,

A symphony just for me,

With a cool breeze flowing and fireflies dancing.

It’s teaching me how to breathe,

A disarming sight,

Poetic souls stir within,

The trees are swaying as if in shared delight.

I wish nothing more,

Than to make my way onto the peaceful shore.

Nature definitely is the greatest wonder we have been offered and to experience it in all its glory is indeed a gift.

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See you tomorrow with the next post in the A-Z series!

Blue Jeans- A-Z #2

Head over to my A-Z Playlist and click on song 2!

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Day two of the A-Z challenge will be based on “Blue Jeans” by Lana Del Rey. I’ve spoken about Lana SO many times before on my blog because I just love her music that much!! Nothing calms me down like her melancholy ballads and Americana dreams. Blue Jeans is one of her best mixes- horny and sad. Right up my alley. So, have this horny and sad poem for today’s prompt.

You walked in your blue jeans,

Skintight and dirty clean,

And I couldn’t keep my eyes off you,

As you run my mind through.

My past is so invisible today

All you can see is my outside gray,

How can I not smile back,

Even though it’s just an act?

Black and white glory,

Your eyes tell me a story,

The crook of your neck is blinding,

The tension cannot seem to leave you standing

A brush of our hands is all it’ll take,

And we’ll be drowned in the waves,

If the arrows do end up winning,

Who cares about a little sting.

You search for the depths of me,

but my stare is limiting me.

The moment’s passed, and you turn away,

And I’m back to having my same morose day.

Well, that didn’t turn out too shabby I think! See you soon for a new post and song!

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Boredom and War

The sky seems so bleak today,

with no clouds to break its pale blue haze

No cool winds to lift me away,

no palpable rain to drown me away.

What a dry time in my life,

They seem to have forgotten to give me strife

Again today, at least, today.

Do I desire to drown more than the drought?


Where are the fireworks?

Where are the floods?

Where are the fireworks to light up my floods?

Where is the blood?

Where is the death?

Where is the poetry to bleed me to death?

I don’t know.

Is it really pernicious to ask for the storm?

Is it really wrong to crave some violence?

My ink doesn’t seem to think so,

and hence I decide that it isn’t so.

As you can probably tell, I’m bored. Been doing nothing much lately, and my tests just got over so that pressure’s toned down for a bit. Feeling very unmotivated to write, but also really bad that I’m not. I guess this is writer’s block except I have ideas, just don’t wanna write them down.

The war in Ukraine is horrifying to watch. But also interesting. I truly believe that it will amount to no accomplishment at all, to both sides. Which is what makes all the death even more disheartening.

Unlike the stance of many in my country, I disagree with the way India has been playing its cards. War must be opposed, no matter political differences. That being said, I don’t mean sanctioning Russia from our end or sending in supplies. It is absolutely unaffordable to break our ties with Russia, but India can definitely be bolder in calling for a ceasefire and diplomacy. War is wrong, no matter what.

What are your thoughts on this whole affair?

P.S I find it so ironic that I’m desperately hoping the actual war ends while simultaneously wishing for a metaphorical “war” to come along in my life.

(Includes Word of the Day prompt “PERNICIOUS”)