What’s On Your Bookshelf- June 2022

Despite saying that I’ll be posting more this month, I haven’t kept up at all! This is only my second post this month because I’ve been catching up on shows, traveling, and doing so much more since my exams ended earlier this month.

My books this month have been a polar mix of comfort books and new experiments.

First off, was a re-reading of one of my favorite comfort books- Memoirs of Geisha by Arthur Golden. Although there is a LOT of controversy surrounding the book about inaccurate representation and some false facts, I thoroughly enjoy the story and the wistful narrative it carries. This was a perfect book to ease my mind as I got through the last of my exams.

What a 180 from my first title! “It” by Stephen King has intrigued me for a very long time, and I finally picked it up a couple of weeks ago. I still haven’t gotten through deeply disturbing, slightly drawn out and absolutely masterful 1000-something pages. It’s a real monster of a book, as is the case with many Stephen Kings. The metaphor of Derry and trauma being the true horror is very well done. This book continues to give me chills constantly!

Now this book isn’t exactly a book. It’s a famous puzzle, consisting of 100 pages of a murder mystery, or rather 6 of them. The problem is, they’re all arranged in a random order, which makes the book incomprehensible unless the order of pages is figured out. Since published in 1934, (apparently) only 4 people have been able to solve it correctly. As I was visiting my cousin-sister for a few days, we thought why not give it a shot! We’ve managed to put some sense into the pages and continue to lose our heads over it. Can we become the 5th and 6th people to solve it?

What I’ve been watching lately-

1.More Masterchef Australia! Although this season has been underwhelming, to say the least.

2. Stranger Things(season 4), which has been ANYTHING but underwhelming! I’m so happy they went in the direction that they did because I absolutely dig the horror aspect of it. The clever link between mental health and the villain is hard-hitting without being tacky. Can’t wait for the next volume to drop on July 1st!

3. Sex and the City 2- A movie which I consider a comfort film, and this was the first time I got to watch it fully. I’d only ever seen parts of it before

4. The Theory Of Everything- The biopic of the great Stephen Hawking, this movie is a great watch for someone in need of a good cry. I especially loved the musical piece “Transformation”, which plays over the last scene and credits.

5. Some more Pirates of the Caribbean, though I must say the movies are getting more boring.

6. And finally, some more Modern Family! It serves as a great lunchtime viewing.

I hope I end this month with at least 2 more posts that I’m working on! See you soon xo

What’s On Your Bookshelf- May 2022

Hello everyone, it’s been quite a long time since I last saw you! I’m back now with the “What’s On Your Bookshelf” where I list out all the books I’ve been reading each month. As I’ve been reading very few books nowadays, I’m gonna include what I watched this month too.

Thank you to the hosts- Deb, Sue, Donna, and Jo for hosting this month’s “What’s on your bookshelf challenge.”

Let’s get on with my list!

Books I read this month-

Alice Through The Looking Glass- A sequel to the classic Lewis Carrol’s “Alice In Wonderland”, this book certainly lives up to its predecessor, even surpassing the former with its absurdly funny writing and wild plot. It was a great comfort read, serving as my bedtime reading for the first week of May.

Now hear me out on “Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins. The writing itself is very good, and I really enjoyed most of the book. It was easy to follow and very thrilling. I just felt that the character development was rocky and weird. You know nothing about someone, then suddenly within a few pages, they are being made to look suspicious. And at the end, the big reveal is kinda strange because the murderer hasn’t been developed very well at all. The climax is too short for such a long buildup, and the book could’ve done with fewer pages. I enjoyed reading this book as a pastime without getting too invested in the story. It may across as a little too cliche at times to readers.

Currently Reading-

“The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald is another classic that has been on my to-read list for a while, and I’ve just started reading this a few days ago. Although I have read it only halfway, I do appreciate the style of writing which comes across as witty and deeply observant. As always with a classic, I love the old language and period setting. This also is the best book I’ve read this month, even though I haven’t finished it yet(assuming I read nothing else this month apart from the mentioned books).

What I’m watching-

I’ve been watching A LOT of the trial footage of the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation case. I’m really very invested(maybe too much) in the legal battle. It shows because the only two movies I watched this month are both Johnny’s and were mentioned in the trial many times.

Yep, you guessed it, I watched the first two “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

All I can say is, that the movies rely heavily on their excellent cast, and there isn’t much to the story itself. What makes the movies is their ability to deliver laughs in the tensest scenes and the most ridiculously humorous situations. Johhny steals the spotlight, of course with his eccentric Jack Sparrow.

I’ve also been watching a lot of MasterChef Australia, seasons 13 (from last year) and through to season 14 which is running currently. It is by far the best of the MasterChef series and I loved seeing familiar faces return for the “Fans vs Favorites” in season 14.

On the side, I’ve been watching a few episodes of Moder Family, and surprisingly find myself going back to iconic Game of Thrones episodes quite often suddenly.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much this month! I’ll get back to more regular posts once my tests get over in early June. Bye!

What’s On Your Bookshelf- April And Remedy- A-Z #18

For today’s post, click on song 18 on my playlist!

If you’re not familiar with my theme, you can check it out here.

This post is a combined effort for the “What’s on your bookshelf” challenge and the A-Z April Challenge. Hey and it fits! R for “Remedy” by Adele and R also for “Reading”!

“Remedy” is one of my favorite songs and it is on many of my playlists which I use as background music while reading books. I fell in love with this song around the same time I was reading “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. Somehow, the song and the book have become intertwined in my mind now. It’s really funny that I should put this song on a post that features another book by a Bronte sister!

This month was pretty slow in terms of my reading and I didn’t really cover many titles. However, I thoroughly enjoyed every single book I picked up this month, although they were just two.

  1. Wuthering Heights- First and foremost, this book took a lot of attention and focus from me because of its complicated albeit exquisite language, and of course being written centuries ago, it was hard to grasp some of the sayings. But what a book! The ideas of Emily Bronte were crazy ahead of their time! I’m sure even if it were released today, this book would cause a storm of controversy and attract just as much love. Dare I say, this might be my favorite “classic” ever. I love this book even though I hold hatred for almost every character in the book. It took almost a full month to get through this book because I was reading quite slowly.

2. The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd- As always, Agatha Christie impresses with her immaculate thrillers! This is definitely one of the highlights of her catalog. I was impressed at her ability, once again, to hide insane yet very logical twists at the most unexpected turns. I’m not yet done with it fully but have enjoyed every page so far. Cannot wait for the big reveal!

Thank you to the hosts- Deb, Sue, Donna, and Jo for hosting this month’s “What’s on your bookshelf challenge.”

You can find all my A-Z posts for this year here.

Until tomorrow!!

What’s on your bookshelf- March 2022

Welcome to another month of my book reading roundup!

Thank you to the hosts- Deb, Sue, Donna, and Jo for hosting this month’s “What’s on your bookshelf challenge.”

I couldn’t read many different books this time around, but I did my best. This month’s genres for me include fantasy and thriller. Here goes my list-


First off, is a set of three small e-books titled the “Pottermore Presents:” series which comprise of short stories, comments by the author, and character profiles in the Harry Potter universe. Originally published as articles on J.K Rowling’s official website “Pottermore”, the best ones were curated into these three books. I enjoyed reading all of them, especially the third one called “Hogwarts: An incomplete and unreliable guide”. I also enjoy reading odd articles on Pottermore, they’re really so well thought out!

Then I finished the “Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum, which is a classic fantasy tale. I listened, rather than read this book on a podcast called “The Sleepy Bookshelf” on Spotify, and I have to say it was a very calming journey through the land of Oz. “The Sleepy Bookshelf”, as you might have guessed, is a podcast consisting of calm narrations of classic stories, which helps you relax. The book itself was quite good too!

Currently Reading-

On to some darker tastes!! Next up is “YOU” by Caroline Kepnes. I started watching the Netflix show titled the same in 2020 and recently finished watching the latest season in December last year. I really like the show, and hence decided to read the book that it was based on. I must say, the show did a very good recreation of this story. It’s dark, twisted, and fast-paced. You simultaneously want the killer’s victims to be safe, while also hating them because they’re so shallow or arrogant. A great read!!

I’ve just started this book, and it’s pretty good so far! I really appreciate that the length of this book is quite short because I lose interest in fast-paced books if they’re stretched too much(Read: Certain Dan Brown books). Horror is one of my favorite genres and I’m gonna start a Stephen King soon!

I don’t think I’ll be reading much in the next couple of months, because I have exams coming up. Let’s hope it doesn’t make it too hard to reach my reading goal for 2022! See you next time around on the second Thursday of April for the What’s on your bookshelf challenge.

P.S: A-Z is coming up and goddamn it’s taking so much effort to get through the entire thing. It is my first time though, maybe it’ll get easier with time(hopefully).

What’s on your bookshelf? February 2022

Thank you to the hosts- Deb, Sue, Donna, and Jo for hosting this month’s “What’s on your bookshelf challenge.”

This month’s reading consisted of a quite diverse mix of genres: Fantasy, Philosophical fiction, as well as Non- Fiction.

1) My revisit of the Harry Potter series concluded this month, with the last book “Deathly Hallows”. This series is really special to me, and even though this may be the 6th or 7th time I’m reading it through, it kept me as hooked as the very first time.
2) I started this book a few months ago but finished it in February 2022. Mark Manson has a unique ability to see through human facades. It’s just that kind of book you cannot read continuously. It is honest, wise, and very well written. It’s not possible to not find yourself in this book, and it helps you come to terms with what every human knows subconsciously. It came to my aid at a crucial time, and I’m sure no matter what age you read it, you’ll find this book helpful.

Hour of the star is the best-known work of Clarice Lispector. This book is very short, yet feels very complete. It’s definitely the most unconventional book I’ve read. It portrays the poverty in the industrial areas of Brazil so well. And such an interesting combination of genres too, its real-life fiction as well as philosophy. Definitely worth the read.

I’ve also gotten through half of “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding. It is considered a classic, taught in many schools as literature but also extremely controversial for its depictions of race, gender, and minorities. It is highly debated whether the author was so discriminatory to these communities to show his real ideology or as satire. Personally, I think that the depiction of a “perfect blue-eyed, blond white kid” going barbaric is clear satire: it shows that human nature transcends said diversities. I enjoyed this book quite well.

What books have you been reading this month??