The Solo Date

Is there anything more refreshing than taking an outing by oneself for an introvert? I think not! But wait, how do you make it better? Why, of course, by going book-shopping!

After a 40-minute ride on the subway, I stood at my destination, an area crowded with multiple book stores and a few great places to stop for a snack. It was a great sunny day with a sprinkling of clouds, though it rained later in the evening.

I could spend hours walking through books, and that’s exactly what I did too. There’s something about the smell of old books that makes me feel very peaceful. The shop I went to had a labyrinthine structure, with the books stretching from floor to the roof; it had a quite obscure wooden staircase too, which led to the first floor. All in all, I enjoyed sifting through the various titles in this almost mysterious sort of place. I felt like I was in the Hogwarts library at one point!

Going out on travels alone is a surprisingly different dynamic from going out with a group of friends or family. It puts everything in a different perspective. Suddenly, you’re the one making all the decisions, doing activities you probably would’ve left off to others on another day. For me, it also brought along a sense of freedom I feel so rarely, and it did wonders to lift my mood and get rid of stress. Of course, it helped that I had a lot of time to use up, and could do so without any guilt or responsibility.

How could any outing be perfect without great food! I took my time walking around and checking out places, and even though one of the places I wanted to visit was crowded and full, I ended up getting some really yummy stuff.

It’s a serene feeling to walk along stone-paved streets in the afternoon sun, looking over to find colorful displays of hats, fruits, trinkets, and other goods sitting cheerfully on the street-sides. I was also impressed by a painter who had put up his station on one of the curbs and was lost in recreating portraits of various people walking by.

Here are the books I ended up buying-

Some of them were old books which I love for their rustic feel. It almost seems like a memory passed down from somebody, who knows who might have held these books before you.

As you can see, quite a few of them are Stephen Kings, who I’ve recently started reading from. I’ve actually just read half of one of his books, “IT”. I’m very impressed by his approach to writing, and certain creative decisions he makes which add fascinating elements to the story. But yes, I would totally ask him to get a new editor if I ever met him because holy shit, the books are huge(and kinda dragged out). Nevertheless, I can safely say I am in my horror phase right now.

There is also a copy of Looking For Alaska by John Green, which is a book I’ve read before, and haven’t stopped loving since. I do consider it my favorite book on most days, so naturally, I had to own a physical copy when I set my eyes on one(I’d read a softcopy before). The other titles are just ones that struck me as interesting when I was in the thriller section of the shop.

When I came back home, my friend randomly asked me to go play badminton, which I was initially skeptical about because I was already tired from my 3-hour-long venture so far. But as it happened, it was the perfect end to my day. I felt refreshed after playing and was greeted with a heavy downpour (thankfully) shortly after I’d reached home.

So there, that was my day! Hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I did living it!!

Your Head And Your Heart- A-Z #25

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There’s nothing like food that connects the head and the heart! The song I’ve chosen, “Your Head And Your Heart” by The Saint Johns is quite a sad song, and so(obviously) a jam of mine(Yes, food pun intended). Maybe the people in the song are sad because they didn’t get good food.

Originally, this post was gonna be a cooking experience/recipe post like I do monthly, with my this time’s culinary creation. As it turns out, it flopped badly, so I don’t really wanna get into the full recipe. This post will be a random rant.

So this time around, I tried to make a version of German bread dumplings, or as their fancy name goes, “SemmelKnoedel”. I paired it with a simple mint and garlic broth, roasted potatoes, and beetroot.

The thing is, I didn’t make a mess(for once) or even destroyed any kitchen equipment this time around. No, I destroyed the taste buds of everyone who ate because my dumplings were salty AF. So yeah. At least it looked pretty though.

So my potatoes were kinda soft and not crispy. The beetroot was too crunchy for my liking.

The only thing I liked about the whole dish was the mint broth. It was pretty general stuff, caramelized garlic, onion, mint of course, and some other things. I also added nutritional yeast to it, a new favorite of mine. I’ve started sprinkling it on almost everything I have. It has a salty, cheesy flavor to it that I love.

In other food news of my life, I absolutely love Season 13 of MasterChef Australia which I’m about to finish in the next couple of weeks. It started out rocky, with my favorite contestant going home with an immunity pin but my new favorites are thriving right now and it’s great to watch.

My head and my heart have also refound a purpose in life: the badminton tournament in which I’m participating, happening in June. My heart is certainly glad because of all the cardio it’s been getting, but my head, I wouldn’t be so sure actually. It feels dizzy after my workout.

Well, I guess that’s about it, I don’t really know what else to say. It’s the last post of the A-Z challenge tomorrow! Then probably I can get to studying for my exams better :p

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Quit- A-Z #17

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Speaking about the A-Z challenge, “Quit” is something I desperately wanna do. All the posts I was really proud of have gone out already, and I have no idea what to do for the remaining letters.

This post is gonna be a life update kinda because I don’t know what to write anymore.

I started out pretty good and the I’ve been struggling only since this past Friday. In fact, the post for “O” went out only at 9:40 P.M on Monday, about 3 hours before the deadline.

There are a few things that make me want to never Quit.

First and foremost, there is a small but astronomical set of people, who know exactly who they are. I’m so thankful for all of you. For someone who says he hates people, I sure do comically blunder without them.

Then there’s writing, my art which has known all my sorrows and triumphs. If my people make sure I stay awake, my writing ensures I stay powerful. The A-Z challenge has brought out some of my best work ever, and I’m proud of so many posts! These are my favorites so far-


Hollywood’s Bleeding

Instant Crush

King’s Dead

Lost In Japan

Purple Rain

There’s also music, which is my oldest and most sensitive friend. It’s been raining quite a bit here so my music right now is quite moody- soft rock/folk mostly. These are some of the songs which are in the mix right now-

Again Today/ Hiding My Heart- Brandi Carlile (it’s a joint single with two songs)

The Story- Brandi Carlile

Purple Rain- Prince

Dancing With Your Ghost- Sasha Alex Sloan

Champagne Problems- Taylor Swift

Besides that, I’m also relying heavily on MasterChef Australia as a source of entertainment. I’m in season 13, the latest one, and I’m happy to see that the new trio of judges is finally blending in and not being cringy(mostly). Still not over the fact that my favorite contestant(Therese) went home, with an immunity pin no less:/

Well that about concludes my rant(?) and life update(?) and mid-challenge reflections(?) post. See you all tomorrow!

Only Ones We Know- A-Z #15

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I have a bunch of songs with “ocean” in them, but I didn’t wanna write anything with the ocean in it. So I chose “Only Ones We Know” by Arctic Monkeys, partly because I love them, partly because I felt bad for not putting their song “505” for the letter F.

I’m so stumped because of this letter, and also because I have zero creativity right now. It’s 5:30 P.M here and I still haven’t posted anything for today. Guess it’s the eleventh hour now.

Hmm okay. so I got a weird idea for a post(5:48 P.M). This song sounds so beautifully melancholy to me, it’s the perfect choice for a rainy day like today. I have a strange connection with melancholy, I feel at peace looking at abandoned places/listening to moody tunes! In fact, I have a Pinterest Board in which I’ve saved all pictures that make me feel that way.

Let me try to write a setting/story for a few of them!

Photo source: Pinterest

A stone archway, maybe one of an abandoned college? I like to think that this was a bustling place once, running high with the laughter of teenagers. Every night, students sneaked out of their dorms into the dark forest route, where they met secret lovers or just seeked solitude. But that was hundreds of years ago, before the World War. Today, the site sits glorying in its past grandeur, forgotten by all but a select few. Old students visit for the nostalgia, looking at the familiar structures and reminiscing about times passed.

Photo source: Pinterest

Who says the Gods of the old are all gone? They exist, forgotten and lost but still very much there. Every once in a while a human attracts their attention, just like during the epitome of the Greek civilization. But the humans grow ever less attractive to these Gods of the ancient, and it can be decades before one descends to the Earth again. How melancholy must it be to live immortal, to see everyone you love fade away and wither, all your favorite buildings and civilizations crumble to dust?

Photo source: Pinterest

Who comes to visit the graves of those who are so long vanished from the face of Earth, that no memory nor lineage remains of them? I’ve always wondered if people visit those graves anymore, or they just lie there proclaming their epitaph to thin air? I like to think that in small towns, there are some kind hearted folks, such that they visit the graves of the unknown once in a while, just to remind them that they aren’t forgotten. The dead must sigh with relief under their blankets of soil and stone when they’re visited. Do they feel peaceful to feel the dust blown off their headstones or do they dislike the disturbance? Or do they lie their unaware, with no wordly action penetrating their eternal meditation?

Well I think that’s enough dark for today. It’s 9:32 right now, yes I got distracted again. But okay I’m not too dissapointed with this post. Atleast I didn’t give in to temptation and repost an old post for today’s A-Z challenge.

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Never Tear Us Apart- A-Z #14

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This post is gonna be about one thing and one thing only- Euphoria, the show, and euphoria, the feeling the show gives my brain. No spoilers ahead. I’ve already spoken about it here, but nothing’s enough praise for this goddamn show,

So this song, “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS, features in one of my favorite scenes on the show, during my favorite episode too. If you’ve watched the show, it comes on in the first 10 minutes of season 2, episode 3 of the show. I’ve cried to this scene(and many others tbh) multiple times. I need nothing at all, just make me watch the 3-minute clipping of this scene on YouTube, and I’m done for.

Well, a lot of the second season was like that for me. This scene was just two people dancing in a karaoke bar, under green lights(again, the show is in my head. I am synesthetic and associate the color green with love), and having the time of their life. And it’s set in the 80s, and my interest in period drama is very, very satisfied. I cannot explain how complicated the premise and emotions are here, you’ll have to watch the show for it. But overall, and contrary to the popular opinion about the second season, I actually really, really liked it.

It’s a stark difference from the first, and while the first feels like a literal trippy experience, the second feels like coming down and being blinded by reality. There are long sequences without any soundtrack, there are slow-paced monologues and even a lot of wordless scenes. The scope of complexity in this show is extraordinary.

I have to mention the symbolism too. I have never, ever seen so much depth of work in any one scene, let alone show. Yes, all shows have a lot of work put into them, but with Euphoria you can make out every single element and its importance separately. Not one piece of furniture, one particular flash of light, one single rip in someone’s shirt, is there without reason. And the music, oh my god.

Labrinth is a fucking genius and is the perfect choice for the songs. This man can make a psychedelic trap song and make it sound like Gospel music, which is exactly what he’s done for the show. Not just the original songs either, but the songs they’ve compiled and chosen to play during the scenes are beyond perfect. Like the prompt for this post, for example. It’s an upbeat disco song and Euphoria’s made it a song to fucking cry to for me now.

I don’t think it’s everyone’s cup of tea, this show. But for me, it’s relatable, brutally honest, reassuring, artistically admirable and so much more all at once. It’s the most perfect show to ever exist. It’s comforting, entertaining, and educating too.

Ok, enough with my rant. I can keep going on and on about this show. See you all tomorrow.

Also, WATCH EUPHORIA. Especially directed at some people who, ahem, have been meaning to watch it since, ahem, before I even knew about it.

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Just like fire- A-Z #10

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Ok, I admit I’m reaching for straws with this post. Honestly, what was I thinking picking 26 songs for each day and believing I would find content related to all of them in my life. But well here we are.

Just like fire by P!nk is a great song and one of the anthems I go to when I wanna feel confident about myself. It also happens to be on the “Alice Through The Looking Glass” Motion Picture Soundtrack.

I got through the Alice In Wonderland books not reading, but rather by listening to them through a podcast on Spotify called “The Sleepy Bookshelf“, and I really found it helpful. So for today’s post, I thought- Why not make a list of my top 5 podcasts right now? Like I said, straws. Blah, here we go anyway.

5) Anatomy Of Murder– This might be the most generic podcast on here but who doesn’t love some true crime! Especially after watching the show “Only Murders In The Building” last year, I really got into true crime podcasts. I listen to a bunch of podcasts that are all pretty similar to each other, but I chose this one to put on here because I love the name so much.

4) Song Explorer– This podcast discusses the process of how certain songs are built- the lyrics, production, vibe, everything. And the best part- The artist themselves walks us through the breakdown!! I genuinely enjoy the process of songwriting and understanding the creative process behind it, so this is the podcast for me. I particularly loved the episodes about “Levitating” by Dua Lipa and “Goodbye” by Apparat.

P.S “Goodbye” also appears on my A-Z challenge post #7!!

3) Welcome To Our Show– I started the show “New Girl” this year and absolutely loved it!! It’s effortlessly funny and a great pastime. This podcast is created by three of the main characters of the show- Zooey Deschanel (Jess), Lamorne Morris (Winston), and Hannah Simone (Cece). They’re close friends in real life too and you can surely see that on the podcast! It’s similar to the “Song Explorer”, I love going behind the scenes and learning about the creative process and shenanigans of a show I’ve come to love. I cannot wait to get to the parts where they discuss the special guests like Prince, Gordon Ramsay, and my favorite, Taylor Swift!!

2) Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast– Speaking of Taylor Swift, this podcast came to me in 2019 during my final exams and was my only respite. It was also my very first podcast! What can be better than a group of Swiftie friends sitting down and overanalyzing and fangirling over Taylor Swift!! It’s so sad that they ended the show after the Reputation era though because they got busy with other things. I still listen and relisten to the older episodes and love love love their analyses about songs, music videos, performances, and sometimes her feuds too! Hope they make a comeback!!

1) Jumping On An Elevator– If you’re familiar with the YouTuber Mike from Mike’s Mic, you already know this podcast. It’s peak comedy and made for stan twitter/ pop culture enthusiasts like me. Michael “Microphone” Messineo is contractually, legally, gatekeepingly the funniest Italian man who can (questioningly) rap Nicki Minaj, dance K-pop routines perfectly, and is also a master at (make-believe) kidnappings and always getting rejected from Instagram verification. To anyone who read through that with no context, I’m sorry(not really). Go check him out to get all the piping hot tea. Did I mention he has a Master’s degree?

Well, that’s my life in podcasts right now. There are a few others that didn’t make the cut because I listen to them, but not really. Maybe some other day.

See you tomorrow with the letter K!!

Dreams- A-Z #4

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Vivid dreams occur normally for all of us. Most of the time, they’re weird and meaningless on the front but are based on real-life experiences. According to a study, 65 percent of the dreams we remember have roots in reality. Sometimes you even realize you’re in a dream while dreaming, an event called lucid dreaming. This is one of the dreams I had recently, which was kinda different from the usual ones and does make for a great story to share.

If you’re listening to my A-Z playlist alongside, enjoy “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac(what a legendary song), and enjoy my creepy(and slightly thrilling) dream.

The dream started out as if I was watching a tv show, a crime show in particular. I must tell you that my dreams are very color oriented, and this dream had a rainy grey as its theme.

There was a narrator, who started off by talking about the dangers of online dating sites, and the kind of people you met through them. This was played over a montage of a couple sitting in a bar, with something very shady about the scene. I could tell that the guy was a psychopath somehow. Suddenly the narrator was one of my close friends(who you can find here) giving me dating advice.

The scene shifted, and the unknown narrator was back, this time describing a family which was apparently the center of today’s crime story. This family was different because it was extremely unique. They were very disciplined and rule-following, which had led them to learn how to fly. You’re confused? I’m fucking confused, bro! (Hehe sneaking a little “Euphoria” reference in).

The family lived in a 1-room house on a grey stone terrace, very much like the terrace in my actual apartment. Although I didn’t see any member of this “family”, I was strangely aware of their presence within the house(I was out in the courtyard of the same house now).

Enter another twist: It was me who was trying to fly now. And I did too, as soon as I tried. It was crazy how real it felt flying, feeling my legs kick off the stone and me hovering around over the terrace, occasionally venturing outside its range and flying over open ground which was far below. I could feel the adrenaline as if I was really flying for the first time. It was an exhilarating rush of happiness.

My friend was back again, this time cheering me on and hyping me up. She was reciting some sort of poem, which felt like it held some secret within its words. By finally flying, I had understood its true meaning(???). The last line of the poem, which my friend kept repeating like some sort of spell, was “I am Darwin”(???????). There was something very freeing about it all.

And then, I woke up because of all the high emotions. Weirder still, all I felt after waking up was a crystal clear awareness of my mind and body, and the all-consuming fear I was feeling. It was a thrilling fear and made me feel good somehow, like being on a roller coaster. The first thing I did then, was text my friend(this was at 2 A.M) saying something weird. And then I wrote down all the details I could remember from the dream into my notepad. I did notice then that there was some sort of connection of Kanye West(??????????????) to this dream that slipped out of reach even as I wrote it down.

So yeah, that was the dream. Any thoughts on what it might mean? I’m usually good with interpreting my dreams or at least making some sense of them but this one left me completely stumped. Well, I guess some things you’ll never know.

See you all tomorrow with the letter E, another song, and another post!!

How I started writing Poetry

Poetry is something I took up just a few years ago. I was in the 8th grade at the time. Prior to 8th grade, I’d always liked the subject of English literature. I was also inherently great at it(my mother is literally an English teacher!!). But it never really struck me as something magical until one unforgettable day.

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with poetry. It was during my English class, and that day we were doing a reading and explanation of the monumental verse by the name of “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. Our teacher was a new one for me, and I hadn’t quite decided if I liked her. After all, this was only the second chapter in our book. She surely was different from any I had before. Even the naughtiest backbenchers seemed genuinely interested during her classes.

The poem itself was quite short, we did a reading and then got right into the explanation all in the same period. Something about the poem hit me in the face, right from the very first line. The poem overflowed with anguish, a sense of rebellious peace, and the overall happiness of a risky choice paying off well. But we didn’t stop just at the poem. My teacher continued the discussion, painting a picture in which all of us had a say. We spoke about our choices, the way the poem was worded, the clever way it portrayed feelings. It didn’t feel like a class at all, but a sunlit ground where all of us sat and spoke about anything we wanted. In afterthought, I’m very amicably reminded of this scene in the movie “Dead Poets Society”, where Mr. Keating leads all the boys to an unexpected outdoor class.

How could just one page of words, one man’s expression on paper provoke so much thought? How could someone else’s words make me feel their dilemma as if I was living it myself? It impressed me, as I truly understood how powerful words were. How enchanted they were. And almost immediately, I wanted to write something myself. But I didn’t have any big impending emotion in my life!

That’s when I learned(courtesy of my English teacher, once more), that poetry can be about choosing between pizza or pasta and yet sound profound because poetry, can be molded to anything. I sat down and wrote my first proper poem that night(a reimagination of Frost’s poem itself), remembering every single hard decision I’d ever faced and channeling all that anxiety into my words. Surprisingly, it didn’t just come out beautifully, it also relieved me in a way I’d not known before. It was the relief of pouring out emotions on a piece of paper. I don’t remember the exact words, but it went something like-

What do I choose,

how can I say,

The cloak of night,

or the light of day

Yeah, pretty dramatic, I know. Well, that was middle school me so there you go.

I remember the exact words my English teacher said when I showed her my very first poem, with the wide, impressed eyes of someone who truly loves language.

“I don’t know what you were thinking while writing this, but this was amazing. Very beautiful.”

And thus she, along with Robert Frost, had sparked poetry in me. My art has grown over the years. I’ve read so many more things, written so many wildly different things. My tastes have changed, becoming darker and my writing more confessional than ever. Yet on a day of standstill, I still go back to that atmospheric moment, when another poet’s words, and someone’s honest compliment, set off a storm of words within me, that has since been untamed.

What are dreams?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but dreams seem to have a weird significance in my life, and I don’t seem to hear about them being so important to others.

Every time I’m having a dark phase or a particularly bad day even, dreams seem to melt my problems.

First of all, having such a “special” dream always comes along with one of the deepest, most healing sleeps. And these dreams give me an almost direct solution to something I’m struggling with. It’s not something like a math problem’s solution or a particular graph. It gets rid of my emotional stress by clearly pointing out the root of my problems.

Well most of “special dreams” came in situations too personal to describe here lol, but there’s one I can use as an example. Very ironically, I also desperately wanted to post something once more before the month ended and didn’t know what, and this dream gave me content for that too.

So a few months ago, this happened. It came along with a lot of negative feelings and sadness. After about a month of intense repetitive thinking about it, I fell asleep one afternoon and had the best sleep in a long time, and the dream. That evening I went out to walk with my person as usual and basically vomited all of it out on her, and something VERY partcicular she said, linked it right back to the dream. And I believed what I knew all along, that I didn’t need to make it my job to change people. Hell, I didn’t even need to talk to them, much less act like I was offending them while having a conversation. So yeah, once more my dream had done it for me.

It’s comforting to know that in times of need, you’re brain is there to help you(even though its causing all the anxiety in the first place, but we’re gonna pretend that didn’t happen).

Photo by Nadi Lindsay on

I’ve always been interested the science of dreams. I wonder, if dreams anything more than our brain thinking at its full potential, not distracted by outside factors or even our own belief systems. I always make it a point to try and analyse my dreams, however meaningless they seem. Because they never are. The thing is, our brain works in associations. It may find weird connections between things. The stress of an upcoming exam may turn into a huge grain of rice falling on you. The way through dream analysis is to not focus on the literal visuals, but associated emotions and impulses.

In fact, its sort of become my thing. I like helping my friends figure out their dreams. It’s fun too, because you can expect anything from Shakespeare reading poetry to someone giving a blowjob in your dream xD.

Have you guys had any strange dreams too?


Holy shit. I just finished watching succession and holy shit. The power play. The sets. The insults. The twists. They’re saying s4 will be the last season, which will come out sometime this year, sometime next year. But holy shit what a story.

You’ll love this show if you like watching bad people fuck each other and get fucked. There’s not one character who’s a good person. Everyone is selfish, cunning, doesn’t give a shit about tearing down others in any way possible. And I love it.

May contain a few spoilers ahead.

Logan is a huge media mogul who’s growing old and with him, the business is dying. None of the four children are capable of taking over.

Kendall is temperamental and his addiction issues hold him back. Roman is a dumbfuck, a spoilt brat. In a rare turn of events, he actually does show maturity and grit later, but he’s too indecisive and cowardly to be able to take big decisions. Siobhan has all the confidence Roman needs, but not the business mind to back it up. She’s petty and egoistical to the point of doing harm to the business.

Nevertheless, you feel sorry for them sometimes. Roman is underestimated and always considered beneath Ken and Shiv. Kendall gets a lot of shit for his addiction issues, and even when he’s talking sense it seems like no one really respects him. Siobhan, however successful she is, always seems to end up suffering with deep rooted sexism issues. She’s always made the “face of a strong woman” to improve the image of the company in public eyes but nothing more.

And what’s more is that the siblings fight amongst each other too. They want to feed their selfish interests more than anything else, at the end of the day.

In a rare show of affection, Roman and Siobhan take care of Kendall when he’s going down a spiral, and he even confesses about the waiter he killed accidentally. That for me was a turning point in the siblings’ relationship with each other. I was actually really happy to see all three of them uniting to do something, when they went after their father.

Logan plays them very well, he knows that none of his children can overthrow him alone. But it miraculously happens, all three siblings coming together in the very last episode of s3, and where they’ve left us hanging currently. Yet again, they are no match for Logan, being betrayed by someone none of the three see as a threat foolishly. Logan wins, again by being 50000 steps ahead of the kids.

This time he’s aided by Tom, Siobhan’s husband who’s been taking her bullshit and the family’s humiliation in general (Boar on the floor, HA) but finally cracks and plays his card to destroy the three siblings’ hopes. I mean about time they learn to be anything but spoiled assholes.

Honorable mention of Connor here, technically the oldest of them all, but a step-brother. Well, he’s… interesting.

I love the locations they’ve chosen for the shooting. Every scene is mind-blowingly rich, the family seems to have no end to their money. It almost becomes boring, how they’re constantly surrounded by the best quality and the most beautiful things.

The last episode was a masterpiece. The power Brian Cox(Logan) emanated when he shouted at the three of them for bringing up the “family” card. The absolute fucking iconic move Tom finally made, out of nowhere. And Greg the egg of course, who I personally feel is the most intelligent person on the show. His scenes with Tom are always funny and endearing to watch. They’re like the only two people who really care about each other. Also, if you look closely, Greg’s the only one who’s not gone wrong even once in all the moves he’s made.

Can I also take a moment to mention Gerri, the absolute fucking, underrated, legend. She’s not very obviously flashy or clever in her tactics, but notice how she’s the CEO and others aren’t. She’s also in on Logan’s final plan of selling to GoJo. A fucking legend.

There’s a classic literature type quality to the storylines, yet it feels so impeccably modern. Kudos to all the behind-the-scenes crew, they’ve made something really special. And the opening credits too; the music and retro films interspersed with modern-day visuals tell so much within the span of two mintues.

This had grown to be one of favorite shows for sure.

What are your thoughts on the show? Who do you think is gonna come up to the top at the end?