Reflections- The A-Z Challenge

I’ve made a playlist anyway, so why not add another song to it for the reflections post! You’ll find that I’ve added “Reflections” by The Neighbourhood to my playlist. It also seems perfect to start and end the playlist with a “Neighbourhood” song.

This was my first ever A-Z challenge and I think it went pretty well! I do think I’ll do a continuous story for next year’s challenge because some letters really bored me. Also, I have a cool thriller idea for next time, so let’s see how that plays out.

I’m determined to start writing earlier next year and schedule more posts. I started off April 2022 with only 9 posts scheduled, that too all random ones. So I did face trouble in between, especially the second to last week when I had only 1 post scheduled.

But on the bright side, my stats blew up like anything, and I had the best month in views, likes, and comments since starting my blog. In fact, the day of the last post of my A-Z Challenge was also my blog’s 1-year anniversary.

Here are my top 5 most-viewed posts-

1.A for “A Little Death”

2.P for “Purple Rain”

3.R for “Remedy”

4.C for “Careful”

5.G for “Goodbye”

And here are my 5 least viewed posts-

1.T for “The Story”

2.O for “Only Ones We Know”

3.M for “Motion Sickness”

4.V for “Visions of Gideon”

5.J for “Just Like Fire”

This was a great challenge for me. I really liked some of the posts I made, they’re some of my best writing.

I’m still in a writing slump so this post is gonna be quite a short one lol. How did your challenge go? Did you have fun blogging?

Zombie- A-Z #26

The last post!! And the last song on my playlist too!!!!

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To close out the challenge, it seems only fair that I write something as dark as my opening post. And this song provides the perfect foundation for it. “Zombie” by The Cranberries is a song written about the devastation of war and violence. Though this song is decades old, it still stands extremely relevant to today’s situation- I’m referring of course to the terrible war still going on in Ukraine, and Afghanistan, the violent tensions between Israel and Palestine, and numerous other politically driven concerns. Nothing really seems to have changed since our lessons in the second World War.

Here goes my last post of the A-Z challenge, April 2022!

Black dust flying in the air,

The sky lit up with hostile flairs,

Buildings and hearts streaked with tears,

To the common man, how is this fair?

Corpses littering the streets,

Violence decked with greed,

What is it that they really need,

Sitting in their mansions, sipping their mead?

Innocents shed their blood,

Yet their voices are never heard,

It’s they who always get hurt,

Is this what they’ve earned?

When was such hate sowed,

Who decided to tread this road,

It seems like we’ve forgotten what we have owed,

Still dying the deaths of long ago.

Andd just like that, we’re done with the challenge! It’s been a great month of blogging, and I absolutely have no more words to write. See you all after a loong vacation I’m sure to take from blogging!!

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Your Head And Your Heart- A-Z #25

Click on song 25 on my playlist for today! It’s the second last post of the challenge!

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There’s nothing like food that connects the head and the heart! The song I’ve chosen, “Your Head And Your Heart” by The Saint Johns is quite a sad song, and so(obviously) a jam of mine(Yes, food pun intended). Maybe the people in the song are sad because they didn’t get good food.

Originally, this post was gonna be a cooking experience/recipe post like I do monthly, with my this time’s culinary creation. As it turns out, it flopped badly, so I don’t really wanna get into the full recipe. This post will be a random rant.

So this time around, I tried to make a version of German bread dumplings, or as their fancy name goes, “SemmelKnoedel”. I paired it with a simple mint and garlic broth, roasted potatoes, and beetroot.

The thing is, I didn’t make a mess(for once) or even destroyed any kitchen equipment this time around. No, I destroyed the taste buds of everyone who ate because my dumplings were salty AF. So yeah. At least it looked pretty though.

So my potatoes were kinda soft and not crispy. The beetroot was too crunchy for my liking.

The only thing I liked about the whole dish was the mint broth. It was pretty general stuff, caramelized garlic, onion, mint of course, and some other things. I also added nutritional yeast to it, a new favorite of mine. I’ve started sprinkling it on almost everything I have. It has a salty, cheesy flavor to it that I love.

In other food news of my life, I absolutely love Season 13 of MasterChef Australia which I’m about to finish in the next couple of weeks. It started out rocky, with my favorite contestant going home with an immunity pin but my new favorites are thriving right now and it’s great to watch.

My head and my heart have also refound a purpose in life: the badminton tournament in which I’m participating, happening in June. My heart is certainly glad because of all the cardio it’s been getting, but my head, I wouldn’t be so sure actually. It feels dizzy after my workout.

Well, I guess that’s about it, I don’t really know what else to say. It’s the last post of the A-Z challenge tomorrow! Then probably I can get to studying for my exams better :p

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Xanny- A-Z #25

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There are two poems that inspired me while writing this. One is “Porphyria’s Lover” and the second is “My Last Duchess”, both by the artistic eccentricity that is Robert Browning. You may know him as the writer of “The Pied Piper Of Hamelin”.

From “Porphyria’s Lover”, I derive thematic inspiration. As many might think, this is not a poem about insanity and psychopathy. I firmly believe that Downing referred to the disease of Porphyria while writing this, and the persona’s triumph over an acute bout of the disease. This is confirmed by the immobility of the persona and pale complexion( as he says himself) in the poem, as well as the hallucinogenic style of Porphyria herself. All these are symptoms of the disease Porphyria. Downing was also an enthusiast of medical magazines, and around the time this poem was written, the disease of Poryphyria had become somewhat of a viral sensation in medical magazines.

From “My Last Duchess” I borrowed the poetic form, that is the enjambment and the number of rhyming couplets(28). However, I could not keep to the iambic pentameter.

I do recommend reading Porphyria’s Lover if you’re not aware of it, before reading this post. It is an excellent piece of psychology.

The theme of this poem is based on “Wuthering Heights”, most notably two monologue pieces which are extremely dramatic and murderously poetic, and spoken under the influence of the world’s strongest drug- Love.

Pertaining to the title of this post, Xanny (as in the song by Billie Eilish), I can say only one thing: Kids, don’t do drugs.

So basically, it’s something set in the Wuthering Heights universe but inspired by Downing’s writing style, but also involves drugs in some way(Yep, I’m confused too). The monologue lines taken from the book are as follows-

(The first is Catherine speaking about her love for Heathcliff.)

“…If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn into a mighty stranger.” “…My love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath: a source of little visible delight, but necessary. Nelly, I AM Heathcliff!”

And the second is Heathcliff grieving Catherine’s death.

“…I repeat it till my tongue stiffens- Catherine Earnshaw, may you not rest as long as I am living; you said I killed you, haunt me, then!” “… I know that ghosts have wandered on earth. Be with me always- take any form- drive me mad! Only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you!” “… I cannot live without my life!”

Like I said, pretty dramatic. But there’s just something about the power in these lines that shakes the most stable mind. It surprises me even more, that in the moments these lines were spoken, I felt sorry for the pair of devils, even though I hated both of these characters from the bottom of my understanding for the course of the book.

The poem is below is a patchwork of quite a few inspirations of mine, and very deeply rooted in my fantastical imagination of Wuthering Heights.

Such savagery has thou gifted me that

I lose my footing in the sands; of late

I cry my tears of gold in solitary

confines; who dareth come near me,

When my evil sits proud by your holy

side, a pungent image of dreary

sight? It was only thy darkness that bore my company well;

You made it our religion to dwell

upon the corpses of their malice, your golden

wisps the only salvation in our barren,

denounced reputation of misanthropy; who stand

they to question us with their bland

inextricability; those commoners, fit to

only serve our unequivocal hues; you

must return, regenerate my viability!

Laments of thyn absence strangle my entity!

Oh black maiden, why don’t you haunt

me yet; when all your mortality did was taunt

my insanity and sowed witchery into everyone

around you; the very chaos drunk on our pagan

lust; How more do I have you return-

Ah, but thy stir now, drifting closer to listen!

A thousand nights I’ve bled, but now when you bleed me dry

I feel it not; I get no pleasure in even berating my

pathetic “family”; come closer, bringer of venom,

and provoke my desire woken seldom,

poison my soul, I beg you welcome,

I can see it! The enchanting splendor of heaven…

So in my head, this is how Heathcliff finally died, after three days of starvation and all the other dramatics he went through in the story. Well, can’t lie, I felt blissful when he did.

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We Are Young- A-Z #23

Tap on song 23 in my playlist as you read this post!

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“We Are Young” by Fun. and Janielle Monae is literally nostalgia given a sound. And for me, who’s lived my entire conscious life in Bangalore, this city is the perfect representation of nostalgia and home. I love so much about Bangalore, be it the eccentric weather or the laid-back and easy-going people.

If there’s one favorite spot I had to choose to call home, I’d choose the grey, stony disposition of our apartment’s terrace. There’s also a narrow metal staircase leading to the top of the elevator room, which is a place I go to often for some peace. It overlooks the busy city and offers a great view of the sunset.

This is an ode to my city and my peace which I wrote in the very same spot a couple years ago before I had this blog.

The sounds are getting quieter,

The wind’s growing softer,

In this paradise of peace,

Time is frozen forever.

I watch as day changes to dusk,

The city slowly settles in,

The slumber comes in unnoticed,

All is forgotten in the dim.

The clouds seem so close.

The last of the gold littering the sky,

Blue blotting my pages like moss.

My ink has been blue for ages,

Against the snowy white of the pages.

In this gentle spectrum of lights,

In this cozy caress of the oncoming night,

How many times,

Must I have lost myself.

Yet I never know where I’ll find myself.

I think this is one of my first attempts at freestyle poetry, and it shows because it’s so messy. Freestyle is my favorite poetry now, and I feel like any kind of set verse doesn’t really capture my emotion completely and satisfactorily.

We’re nearing the end of A-Z! I feel like my brain has been squeezed dry of words. Can’t wait for it to end even though it’s been fun and my stats are BLOWING UP this month.

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Visions Of Gideon- A-Z #22

Click on song 22 on my playlist as you read this post.

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Visions of Gideon by Sufijan Stevens is one of my favorite songs ever. It appears on the soundtrack for the movie “Call Me By Your Name” which again is one of my favorite movies ever, and actually introduced me to Sufijan’s music! Immerse yourself in this flash fiction which to me, encapsulates the vibe of this song.

It’s been almost five years since I’ve come back here, and I’ve had to now, owing to important business in the area. Of delaying this visit consciously, I may have been guilty. I keep hurt too close to my heart, nostalgia resides too close to my foundation. What five years they’ve been, too!

The garden remains unchanged. The villa stands happy still, amongst sunlit peach trees and with the cool smell of wet soil ever-present in its vicinity. The people stand as happy as I remember, too. Always a wide smile and hospitable concern, to welcome any windswept memory like me.

“The harvest has been eh, Grande, this summer.” I agreed with my host, looking at the ripe peaches being plucked by the laughing children, the bowls of green and black olives kept pickling or drying out in the sun. Leisure radiated off every dry leaf on the ground, every waft of sunlight, and every echo of steps on the wooden flooring.

The institute of my last stay remained unchanged too, maybe a little lonelier though. The wooden shelves still creaked merrily on their hinges when I dropped off my baggage. My mind bloomed in fond memory on catching sight of the little red notebook of mine I’d forgotten here in the event of my last visit, still in perfect condition, though a little dusty, kept in the exact same drawer I’d left it in years ago.

That evening, I ventured to take a walk to the town square and down to the creek where so much had happened all those years ago. What courage struck me then, that I thought I’d be strong enough to be mortally contained on witnessing those locations again! Sitting down on one of the plastic chairs threw me back immediately into a fine summer day when I was sitting at almost the same spot too. It was the heated breeze, the smell of tobacco from the daily gathering of the town’s Nonni, the well-versed sounds of shuffling cards that once more arrived phantom-like in my lonely silence. Had time passed at all?

I walked again, trancelike, past the shops stirring my mind with familiarity and stoking my awe with their resolute unchangingness. The creek provided no respite to my nostalgia, and rather sparked it more with its ruthless beauty. The very earth of this place was determined to keep my senses moored to its essence, its elements demanding every ounce of my tethered attention. And I gave in happily, pouring my all into my surroundings, becoming my surroundings. Being in this monument of nature itself finally, grew my vestiges back to their monstrous forms, amounting to toll my entire spirit and mind together.

God forbid, how could I ever consciously choose to depart from this temple whilst keeping my soul unbroken?!

All of the images used are locations from the movie “Call Me By Your Name”, and this ended up being pretty much a canon fic of when(and if) Oliver decided to come back to Lombardy still single(again, I’ve read the sequel so this is kind of an alternate universe situation). I’ve also tried to implement the twisty and innovative style of using words from the author of the book, Andre Aciman.

Hope you enjoyed it in some sense even if you haven’t watched/read the movie/book!

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Unholy Faces- A-Z #21

Click on “Unholy Faces” by Florist on my playlist for today!

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It’s the last week of the A-Z Challenge, finally! Just 6 more posts to go.

“Unholy Faces” is another song introduced to me through Grey’s Anatomy. Continuing along with my ventures into writings of the horror genre, this song stood out to me instantly from my library, owing to its intriguing title. Although the song itself is quite pleasant, the title just sounds perfect for setting up a creepy tale! So that’s what I’ve tried to do below-

*Might be a little triggering if you cannot stand blood*

It was a lazy Sunday. Elise slowly came back to life as she awoke from her sleep, unworried about obligations for the day: there were none. The air smelled wet, had she left the window open again? She really was getting too forgetful.

A loud gasp left her mouth as she sat up suddenly. The pillow fell off the bed and onto the ground. She was sure she’d seen a face peeking in from behind the curtain, right by the wall clock. But no, there was nothing a split second later when she rubbed her eyes and looked at the place again. Nothing looked out of place. She checked the window, it was indeed latched from inside. Nope, she hadn’t forgotten to lock it last night then.

She opened the window and gasped once more. There lay a dead pigeon there, its neck bent the wrong way. Could it be the storm last night that might have killed it? She felt terrible for the bird, it must have hit the rafters on the roof.

She went in shuddering and checked the messages on her phone. She noticed that she’d missed a call from someone. But wait, why did the phone number seem familiar? When she clicked on the missed call, it showed her the name. It just said, “Home- telephone”. She’d gotten a call on her phone, directed from the telephone in her own house. What was happening today? This must be some sort of mistake, she was alone at home!

She clicked on the number to initiate a call, hoping to confirm that the number was somehow saved wrong in her phone. But she jumped a second later, because the loud, echoing ringing of the telephone filled the empty house. There was someone here. She knew it. And she had just alerted the person about her knowledge, because of the loud ringing.

She quickly went and locked herself in the kitchen and dialed the police, her mom, and anyone she could think of. Help was on its way, very soon. She waited, shivering, her forehead resting against the door of the kitchen.

She didn’t hear anyone moving, and before she could react, she felt the cool tip of a sharp kitchen knife, her kitchen knife, pushing on her throat. She caught half a glimpse of the dirty bearded stranger, who she thought she’d seen before a few times around her neighborhood and on the train station too. The pressure of the blade grew more, and she felt her blood being drawn out.

“You’re gonna give me what I want, before someone interrupts us, eh?” The stranger rasped out. She felt her throat being cut open, and his mouth resting on her carotid artery as she blacked out, and went back to death forever.

This was kinda, of uninspired? I had a couple great ideas but I guess it doesn’t flow very well. Oh well.

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The Story- A-Z #20

For today’s A-Z, you’ll find that I’ve added “The Story” by Brandi Carlile to my playlist, which you can listen to alongside reading this post! So go on to song 20 for now!

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The Story features prominently on Grey’s Anatomy, which I’ve spoken about A LOT. I’m gonna start off this poem with my favorite lines from the song and see where it leads to.

You see the smile that’s on my mouth,

It’s hiding the words that don’t come out,

And all of my friends who think that I’m blessed,

They don’t know my head is a mess.

What if you see the real me,

When I am the best I’m meant to be,

Will you stay the same or be afraid,

That I’m not all like you said.

I don’t know who I really am,

But I do know what I’ve been through,

And you know,

I do very well alone, it’s true.

I’ll cross all the lines, and break the rules,

Learn to thrive, in my perfect blue,

But will my story mean anything,

If I’ve got no one, to tell them to?

Yeah, this poem is short, incomplete, and tacky. Well, I’M short, incomplete and tacky right now, So yeah.

See you on Monday(yes, finally the weekend) with the next post.

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State Of Grace- A-Z #19

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“State Of Grace” by Taylor Swift is one of the best songs to ever exist. For this post, I took some of my favorite lyrics from the song and tried to incorporate them into a completely different setting. It may leave you surprised :p

The city buzzed with midday traffic. The tall buildings looked like disapproving adults as they loomed over the obnoxiously loud honks and arguing victims of road rage(who were fairly common).

Matt stepped onto the street cautiously enough, a bagel in one hand, coffee in the other, and walked fast through the traffic lights when it was still green for walkers. He slowly made his way across the crossing, taking care not to drop whatever he was holding. Something felt weird today like the air had a strange perfume in it. The skies had decided to color themselves a unique grey he’d never seen before.


He swore at the top of his voice as a car zoomed past him, barely missing. What an asshole! It was a red light! But he saw sadly that the make of the car was pretty high-end. It would another wealthy brat, who would pay his way out of legal action. But out of the corner of his eye, he caught a police van flashing its siren at the zooming car, and he hoped the guy would be charged, though it was touch and go. “Rich people, they get away with anything,” he thought to himself.

The bagel had thankfully survived the ordeal, but the coffee lay in a puddle on the ground now. He sighed as he bit into the bagel and headed towards his apartment, away from the busy streets and busy lives.

Walking into his apartment was like entering a portal. Silence fell suddenly as he shut the door, and he felt all of his irritation fade away. He threw the paper bagel wrapper in the dustbin and again felt a twinge of some strange feeling. It climbed up his spine like a shiver, but it wasn’t exactly cold either. As he had bent down to drop the wrapper, he’d felt like he was being watched. But no one was home, it was all dark and still.

He changed into comfortable pajamas and was about to go to bed when his eyes fell on the bedroom mirror. It was unnaturally opaque-looking as if its reflecting abilities were seeping out of it. Even as he watched, it grew duller and duller, until he could see nothing but himself in the mirror. And then, the cold voice sounded out. It had been years since he’d last heard that voice.

“Let’s go.” Every syllable rang out due to such close proximity, though the words were whispered softly. He knew who it was, though he never saw it coming in.

How could he say no to it? It was his only weakness. All the effort he’d put into himself to become stronger, more emotionally stable over the years seemed to crumble at the sound of the voice. All his bleeding seemed to fade away in time. How did it always find the weakest link, his Achilles Heel? Well, guess they were hands of fate at this point.

Darkness enveloped his senses in a ruthless game as he gave in to the voice and descended into his evils.

I really want to start writing more horror/mystery, because I feel like that’s the only genre that will keep my own interest while writing if I attempt a longer project like a novel. Well, let’s see how that goes.

I know, this post is very short. I just have no patience to write a bigger one right now.

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Bye, see you tomorrow!

What’s On Your Bookshelf- April And Remedy- A-Z #18

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This post is a combined effort for the “What’s on your bookshelf” challenge and the A-Z April Challenge. Hey and it fits! R for “Remedy” by Adele and R also for “Reading”!

“Remedy” is one of my favorite songs and it is on many of my playlists which I use as background music while reading books. I fell in love with this song around the same time I was reading “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. Somehow, the song and the book have become intertwined in my mind now. It’s really funny that I should put this song on a post that features another book by a Bronte sister!

This month was pretty slow in terms of my reading and I didn’t really cover many titles. However, I thoroughly enjoyed every single book I picked up this month, although they were just two.

  1. Wuthering Heights- First and foremost, this book took a lot of attention and focus from me because of its complicated albeit exquisite language, and of course being written centuries ago, it was hard to grasp some of the sayings. But what a book! The ideas of Emily Bronte were crazy ahead of their time! I’m sure even if it were released today, this book would cause a storm of controversy and attract just as much love. Dare I say, this might be my favorite “classic” ever. I love this book even though I hold hatred for almost every character in the book. It took almost a full month to get through this book because I was reading quite slowly.

2. The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd- As always, Agatha Christie impresses with her immaculate thrillers! This is definitely one of the highlights of her catalog. I was impressed at her ability, once again, to hide insane yet very logical twists at the most unexpected turns. I’m not yet done with it fully but have enjoyed every page so far. Cannot wait for the big reveal!

Thank you to the hosts- Deb, Sue, Donna, and Jo for hosting this month’s “What’s on your bookshelf challenge.”

You can find all my A-Z posts for this year here.

Until tomorrow!!