Reflections- The A-Z Challenge

I’ve made a playlist anyway, so why not add another song to it for the reflections post! You’ll find that I’ve added “Reflections” by The Neighbourhood to my playlist. It also seems perfect to start and end the playlist with a “Neighbourhood” song.

This was my first ever A-Z challenge and I think it went pretty well! I do think I’ll do a continuous story for next year’s challenge because some letters really bored me. Also, I have a cool thriller idea for next time, so let’s see how that plays out.

I’m determined to start writing earlier next year and schedule more posts. I started off April 2022 with only 9 posts scheduled, that too all random ones. So I did face trouble in between, especially the second to last week when I had only 1 post scheduled.

But on the bright side, my stats blew up like anything, and I had the best month in views, likes, and comments since starting my blog. In fact, the day of the last post of my A-Z Challenge was also my blog’s 1-year anniversary.

Here are my top 5 most-viewed posts-

1.A for “A Little Death”

2.P for “Purple Rain”

3.R for “Remedy”

4.C for “Careful”

5.G for “Goodbye”

And here are my 5 least viewed posts-

1.T for “The Story”

2.O for “Only Ones We Know”

3.M for “Motion Sickness”

4.V for “Visions of Gideon”

5.J for “Just Like Fire”

This was a great challenge for me. I really liked some of the posts I made, they’re some of my best writing.

I’m still in a writing slump so this post is gonna be quite a short one lol. How did your challenge go? Did you have fun blogging?

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