Your Head And Your Heart- A-Z #25

Click on song 25 on my playlist for today! It’s the second last post of the challenge!

If you’re not familiar with my theme, you can check it out here.

There’s nothing like food that connects the head and the heart! The song I’ve chosen, “Your Head And Your Heart” by The Saint Johns is quite a sad song, and so(obviously) a jam of mine(Yes, food pun intended). Maybe the people in the song are sad because they didn’t get good food.

Originally, this post was gonna be a cooking experience/recipe post like I do monthly, with my this time’s culinary creation. As it turns out, it flopped badly, so I don’t really wanna get into the full recipe. This post will be a random rant.

So this time around, I tried to make a version of German bread dumplings, or as their fancy name goes, “SemmelKnoedel”. I paired it with a simple mint and garlic broth, roasted potatoes, and beetroot.

The thing is, I didn’t make a mess(for once) or even destroyed any kitchen equipment this time around. No, I destroyed the taste buds of everyone who ate because my dumplings were salty AF. So yeah. At least it looked pretty though.

So my potatoes were kinda soft and not crispy. The beetroot was too crunchy for my liking.

The only thing I liked about the whole dish was the mint broth. It was pretty general stuff, caramelized garlic, onion, mint of course, and some other things. I also added nutritional yeast to it, a new favorite of mine. I’ve started sprinkling it on almost everything I have. It has a salty, cheesy flavor to it that I love.

In other food news of my life, I absolutely love Season 13 of MasterChef Australia which I’m about to finish in the next couple of weeks. It started out rocky, with my favorite contestant going home with an immunity pin but my new favorites are thriving right now and it’s great to watch.

My head and my heart have also refound a purpose in life: the badminton tournament in which I’m participating, happening in June. My heart is certainly glad because of all the cardio it’s been getting, but my head, I wouldn’t be so sure actually. It feels dizzy after my workout.

Well, I guess that’s about it, I don’t really know what else to say. It’s the last post of the A-Z challenge tomorrow! Then probably I can get to studying for my exams better :p

You can find all my A-Z posts for this year here.

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