Purple Rain- A-Z #16

This is another great song and post which I was looking forward to! Find today’s song 16 on my playlist as you read my post., which is “Purple Rain” by the one and only Prince.

If you’re not familiar with my theme, you can check it out here.

True story; I was listening to Purple Rain one day and somehow my Spotify decided to play DNA by Kendrick Lamar next(another great song). And I kid you not, I felt EMOTIONAL listening to that violent and hard-hitting drill beat. That’s what Purple Rain does to me.

Prince also made a cameo on this show called New Girl I was watching, which is like the wildest simulation glitch. Prince is indeed magic.

Rain is my favorite natural phenomenon, and I like to think that it reflects my mood. Hey, it’s true! It always rains when I’m on an emotional high! So today’s post is dedicated to rain, and my eternal love for petrichor. It’s also inspired by this post I read some time ago.

Edit: I wrote this poem back in March, on the 17th when we got our very first summer rain here in Bangalore. For a week leading up to today, it’s been raining every single day without fail! More reason for me to believe it is magic xD.

A glum day has befallen,

The very air has grown dry,

My words are all but forgotten

and I can’t remember why.

The drought of words is hard on me,

The heat stokes my discomfort.

My pen stares at yesterday in envy,

I get no ideas from my favorite extrovert.

Suddenly, Her perfume infects my mind,

And a drop of inspiration descends,

Her aura leaves me happily blind,

And Zephyrus makes my words bend.

Endlessly my words now flow,

Striking with the passion of hailstones,

The readers learn to brave my arrows,

Flowers blooming unto their bones.

What reckless blasphemy are we,

Imposing our grandeur upon simpletons,

If Rain were a mortal entity,

Why wouldn’t He be my corruption?

The petrichor assaults my page,

Our romance stains the lines,

The storm finds my soul’s anchorage,

And I let Her dictate my carnal doctrines.

Joy takes a hold of my psyche,

I feel safe in His penetralium,

We settle once again on our glory,

And end up writing this poem.

Forgive my usage of all those big words my mind is currently buzzing from reading “Wuthering Heights”. Emily Bronte was way, WAY ahead of her time in her ideas. Like seriously, even if the book came out today it’d be a huge hit.

See you all tomorrow with the next post of the A-Z Challenge! Until then sit(or sleep) tight and don’t let the bedbugs(or mosquitos) bite:))

19 thoughts on “Purple Rain- A-Z #16

  1. I have to say I am completely surprised a poem of mine (that i wrote soooo long ago) could inspire anything let alone this masterpiece of English literature that my eyes have had the pleasure of making an acquaintance with! And honestly, I hadn’t even recovered from the shock of seeing my post up there before I read the poem and by all the gods that have ever existed, do exist and shall exist in the future, I lost my freaking mind!
    I kid you not, I read an older work of yours and the words you use and more importantly how you use them blew me away! I fell in love with your writing that day and this post just reinforced it!
    I wanted to say all this and more when I met you in person the next time but now anybody who comes to this comment section deserves to know what an amazing talent you have!
    God, you’ve made my entire week!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh my god thank you!!! Lol you made MY week by saying all this! Great work inspires great work ig xD. You’re poem is evergreen, and has made a pretty big mark on me hehe. I was waiting to spin it somehow in one of my posts, and this poem just happened to me.
      I’m glad you like it!!

      Liked by 1 person

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