Goodbye- A-Z #7

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Guten tag!! It’s day Sieben of the A-Z challenge and this one is gonna be a dark one. No like literally, it’s inspired by the Netflix show “Dark”. Oh and also it’s dark so yeah. But don’t worry! You can stick around for the flash fiction piece below even if you haven’t watched the show!

Dark is a show I watched in 2020 and it was a defining show for that year. I like so many things about it, be it the complex characters and story, the eerie vibe of it, or the correspondence with dates in the show to real life. Naturally, the song for today is Apparat’s “Goodbye” which serves as the theme song for the show.

There’s one particular scene in the last season of the show, where two characters, Magnus and Franziska, talk about the apocalypse, without knowing that it is indeed upon them soon. This piece is what I imagined their last moments to be like(it was never actually shown in the episodes). The following flash fiction is as seen from Magnus’ POV.

Ash. Darkness. Smoke. What is going on?

The sky went out like a faulty lightbulb moments ago. Now even the lakeshore scares me. The clear water which was a beautiful scene even when the grey clouds came, now looks sinister. The dark water swirls unnaturally, and I feel scared of what skeletons it hides in its inky depths.

Franziska shakes my shoulder and I look at her pale white and scared face. She signs- What is all this?– maybe for the tenth time today. The clouds came first, and the wind seemed strangely unmoving. Then the sense of doom came along like tremors. Or were they actual tremors? And at last, we’re here. The entire world seems to be flickering on and off as if it’s a radio unable to settle on a frequency. It doesn’t feel real.

I sign It’s okay to Franziska and feel a pool of guilt joining the fear in my stomach. Clearly, it’s not okay. Something is wrong. It’s good she can’t hear the loud thunder-like sounds. I have a suspicion that she feels the vibrations of these blasts anyway, but she doesn’t react if she can.

Last month, I was worried my mom would find my stash of weed. Last week, I was worried if she would ever find Dad. And today, I’m worried I’ll never find her again. What is this? Why am I smiling at this thought? My thoughts seem as unstable as the reality around me.

And then it happens. The loudest boom yet, and I wince inadvertently at the surprise. Franziska looks at me. She doesn’t need to sign what she wants to say. She doesn’t wait for an answer either. She knows I’m not gonna tell her anything. She just puts her head on my shoulder and closes her eyes.

And she couldn’t have done it sooner. I don’t want her to see what I’m seeing right now. There’s a blue-black orb in the sky, crackling with electricity. I know exactly where it is, I’ve been to that part of the forest before. It’s right above the nuclear factory. It rises higher and higher and then stops midair like a grotesque insect.

My whole body is going numb. My mind seems to be forgetting its life. Where am I? Where’s the path home from here? Where is home? And then a brilliant flash of light interrupts my view of the orb. No, not flash. They’re specks of light rising from below. Not below, they’re coming from my skin! I look at Franziska and she’s a beautiful mess of lights rising into the sky, all gravitating towards the orb. Who am I looking at again? I lie back on the damp soil, completely limp. The sky is beautiful, there are little fireflies everywhere. I feel lighter and lighter, and the brightness hurts my eyes.

Wish it wouldn’t be so bright. Wish it could be darker. I try closing my eyelids to shield my eyes from the harsh light but there’s no need now. The universe seems to have granted me one wish at last. The light is fading, growing lesser and lesser. And then, it is no more.

Der anfang ist die ende und the ende ist der anfang.

I think this is the best flash fiction I’ve ever written. I love how it turned out and I can’t help but see some Maze-runner-ish dystopian writing in here. The show “Dark” is definitely a must-watch. If you like dystopia and dark philosophy as much as I do, Dark will surely score high in your books. Did I mention I started learning German because I loved this show so much? (Dark is originally made in the German language)

Auf weidersehen, freunde! Bis morgen mit einem anderen post!!

(Goodbye, friends! See you tomorrow with another post!!)

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