Electric Love- A-Z #5

Tap on the latest song on my playlist while reading this post, which is “Electric Love” by Børns.

If you’re not familiar with my theme, you can check it out here.

I’m sure you’ve come across a person or people in the crowd who stands out to you. Even though you’re complete strangers, there’s a jolt that passes through you and gives you a rush of adrenaline.

I’ve had a fair share of such people, some quite recently too. This post is like a mixture of all those instances(dramatized a little).

I sat up with a start at the crowded train station. I’d dozed off waiting for my train, which was late by a whole hour today. The bench was weirdly cold on that warm night, and I could feel beads of sweat forming on my forehead. Damn this train! It’s not like I was late for anything important, so I settled back down calmly and tried to sleep again. But it wouldn’t come now, and I was forced to stare at the bustling station for my entertainment.

There were all sorts of people there- crying children being shushed by their parents, tired parents trying to make sure their kids didn’t wander, old people walking along irritatedly, middle-aged sons and daughters struggling to keep up with them while carrying heavy loads of luggage. Despite how happening it all was, it was all eye-droopingly boring to watch.

And lo and behold, my eyes were had indeed started drooping again in a few minutes when I saw those eyes. Sitting in the train which had stopped on the opposite platform, they peeped through the bars on the window, the body housing them a mere silhouette of smoke all the way across.

They shone like glittering pinpoints of amusement which cut through people, noise, and boredom like a ship through water and landed in my vicinity. No, they hadn’t yet seen me. But could one really be that oblivious to what I considered was pure, cinematic intensity and that my gaze cast their way?

And sure enough, they positioned themselves to look at me and I felt drawn into their abyss. The air around me scalded comfortably on my skin and my breath felt alive inside my chest. A lurch of inexplicable but primordial emotion rose up like a monster in my stomach and I’m sure it showed on my face. They grew rounder and wider as if coming out of a trance themselves. I still couldn’t see the temple these orbs decorated.

What was I doing on this side of the void? I should be with them, drinking in their green! I stood up slowly, and all around me bodies were rising up from their slumber like smoke rising up from a raging wildfire. Were all of them attracted to you too? Well, how couldn’t they, but I knew that you had it in your eyes for me and me only. I walked onward, hypnotized in the stupor.

And suddenly my reverie was vanquished by a strong gale of reality the train brought along with it. It flew across my being with ferocity, uprooting my haze. The train was here, an hour late, but here. All around me the people had gotten up to board it. I quickly regained my composure and tried to remember what I’d put in my system that evening.

I climbed up the train and tried to get a glimpse through the window, hoping to see to whom my distraction belonged. But no, the train on the adjoining platform had moved along leaving behind nothing but a dusty trail and a dusty memory.

I never saw those eyes ever again, and always have wondered who was it so electric, that they disheveled my soul with their mere presence.

See you tomorrow with the next post and a new song!

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8 thoughts on “Electric Love- A-Z #5

  1. I love the song and I love this even more because its absolutely cinematic and I could hear the chatter in the railway station and station white noises up until you described the electrifying eyes and everything actually melted away for that whole part. The sounds only came back after you came back to your senses too!
    Just dropping in,
    A fellow A to Z challenge taker!

    Liked by 1 person

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