Flash Fiction

Recently, I’ve been feeling a surprising desire to write a bunch of flash fiction. If you don’t know what flash fiction is, it’s pretty simply a short story that fits 200-1000 words and tells us a small, random tale about anything.

My obsession with them started because a lot of times, I get amazing ideas. Like, AMAZING ideas. And I sit down to write my ass off and make it into a novel. But here’s the catch with my ideas- they provide enough interesting content for a really, really short story. I’ll fit my entire idea into a page or two, and will be disappointed that it isn’t longer. The thing is, if I write any further it seems stretched and boring. I write with the “less is more” idea in my head and don’t like it when I end up writing every exact thought or emotion. I want the readers to imagine it.

So what should I do with such ideas? They’re too good to be thrown away. So, I listen to Ariana Grande when she says that she makes her incomplete song ideas into interludes. That’s basically flash fiction and now you can see why it’s perfect for me.

Flash fiction is also an excellent writing exercise to gear you up for writing longer pieces. It usually flows like a stream of consciousness and helps you to clear the thought-to-paper path. After all, if you think too much about any idea you have, it will seem ridiculous after all that probing. Instead, write it without considering the readers’ critic, and you’ll be surprised at your own skills.

This is a really good website I found for flash fiction prompts and you can check it out if you’re looking for a few ideas to start with.

I’m thinking I’ll write a flash fiction at least once a week because I want to keep my brain in the zone to finish writing the novel I’m working on(which I hopefully finish lol).

Drop in ideas if you have any, I’ll be really happy to work on them:)

Here’s an example of one I wrote.

7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction

  1. dude, you’re kidding me right? I got into short stories this week all of a sudden, did not know they were called flash fiction btw.
    here are a few I found weirdly awesome
    Happy endings by Margaret Atwood
    Orientation by Daniel Orozco
    Taylor Swift by Hugh

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